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 First, we want to meet so you can share your vision for your new home. We want to gather all of the information about you so we can best be a resource for you. We’ll ask you to describe your dream home: architectural features you like, the kind of neighborhood you want, size, and what’s most important to you. We want to ensure that we are helping you achieve your goals every step of the way. We seek to understand your specific property needs and wants so that we can be a valued partner to you. We can discuss all of your options including buying off-market, buying and selling simultaneously, and creative approaches to manifesting your perfect place. Then we collaborate to make a plan to help you find your dream house, within your budget, while minimizing stress and risk. That’s what we do.


Buying a home in the Bay Area is no small feat. Demand is high, buyers are savvy and well-prepared, and competition can be fierce. Having the right financing is a critical piece of the puzzle. We will ensure that you have a lender that we trust will strengthen any offer you write. We’ll help you to determine a strategy for constructing your financing including determining a down-payment amount and for making your dollars go as far as they can go. We will be with you during this important time and help you determine your ‘comfort zone’ in terms of actual costs. 


This is the fun part! We will help you refine your search and provide insight into specific neighborhoods, schools, etc. We have tools to make the house-hunting process easy and enjoyable. You’ll receive online alerts about properties that may be a good fit for you as well as personalized notifications for your agent about off-market opportunities. You can visit open houses on the weekends or get a private tour with your agent or BOTH. We have a wide network of fellow agents to reach out to about upcoming listings and possible off-market opportunities—often the secret to finding, and getting, your new home.


You want to write the strongest offer possible and we are here to help you determine the terms while always honoring your financial integrity and comfort. We know the pulse of the market and can provide guidance to you and the final decisions are always yours and we will support you. Included in the offer are financing terms, close of escrow and possession dates, response to all property disclosures, contingencies, arbitration, liquidated damages and more. This is where it’s important to have a strong agent on your side. Any nice person can show you houses, but if you really want to be a prevailing offer, you need a savvy advocate that knows how to make that happen. Negotiations happen with nearly every offer – you want someone strong representing you and your interests.


As soon as your offer is accepted, we will open escrow and we are rolling! The term “escrow” refers to the period from the day your offer is accepted until the close of escrow date, which is when title (or ownership) of the property transfers to you. The escrow period, usually 21-30 days, is determined by the terms of your purchase contract. During escrow, we work with the escrow company, seller’s agent, lender, insurance company, inspectors, appraisers, and more. This is the countdown until you are handed the keys and can move in to your new home!


Close of escrow means the transaction has been completed and the Grant Deed to your property has been recorded in your name. Leading up to this critical date, we will stay in close contact with the lender, seller’s agent, and escrow officer to make sure things are on schedule and everyone has what they need to close on time. You’ll hear from the escrow officer a few days before closing to plan for your document signing, which can easily be done by a mobile notary anywhere in the country. Once we get word of “recording” it’s official!!

Celebrate & Decorate

Congratulations ~ You can celebrate this important milestone in your life and make your new house your HOME! We have a design partner in Brandy Graham of Market & Nest. So whether your home needs a big renovation or you just need some lighting, wallpaper, and furniture inspiration ~ Brandy can help to ensure that you love where you live!

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