Commuting to San Francisco

Commuting to San Francisco
Many people choose to live in Alameda and parts of Oakland because the commute to San Francisco is as easy as it gets from the ‘burbs. 
Here are 5 easy ways to get to SF from the East Bay:
  1. The Ferry – Obviously this is the preferred choice. The views are incredible and you can grab a coffee on the way in! There are 2 Ferry Terminals in Alameda: One on the West End of town near the old Naval Base and Alameda Point and the other on Harbor Bay. Both take about 25 minutes to get you to the Ferry Building which offers a straight shot to Market Street.
  2. BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) – The fastest route is to go to the West Oakland BART Station – it’s a mere buzz through the tunnel and you arrive at the Embarcadero Station in SF just 7 minutes later. And your phone won’t work in the tunnel so you can do a quick meditation.
  3. Bus – The AC Transit ‘O’ line runs every half hour through Alameda and goes to the Salesforce Tower in downtown SF in about 25 minutes, give or take.
  4. Commuter Bus – If you are one of the lucky ones working at Apple or Google, you can hop on a commuter bus and work the whole way there!
  5. Bike – Hop on your bike and pedal to the Ferry, BART, or bus. This is the BEST; you get some exercise and you save yourself the hassle of trying to find parking!

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