If you know, you know (Part 2): By Betsy Fedewa

If you know, you know (Part 2): By Betsy Fedewa

4. You can stand in Alameda while simultaneously standing in San Francisco

One corner of a dump site west of the former runways at Alameda Point (the former Naval Base) extends far enough into the San Francisco Bay that it is technically a part of the City and County of San Francisco. It's basically like the Four Corners, except... not really like that at all.

5. It's a silver screen beauty

Alameda has shown up in numerous films, from Yours, Mine & Ours (with Henry Fonda and Lucille Ball, 1968), to Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home ("Nuclear wessels," says Chekov in the 1986 film), to scenes from The Matrix films, The Net, What Dreams May Come, Milk, and a bunch more.

6. We're serious about going to infinity and beyond

Wind River Systems, headquartered here, put the brains into two Mars rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, putting us two giant leaps ahead of the rest of the Bay Area.

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