If you know, you know (Part 1): by Betsy Fedewa

If you know, you know (Part 1): by Betsy Fedewa

Having lived in Alameda for more than half of my life, I know I have found the best place to be and I feel like I am now an expert in all things Alameda!

I fell in love with the Island City right after college and have found love, got married, and am happily raising my family here. I know Alameda is the greatest city to live in and though I feel like I know all there is to know, l do love learning new things about it!

Here are some pretty cool things about Alameda that you will probably only know if you live here (Part 1)...

1. We're an island. Literally.

We started out as a peninsula, but some folks in 1902 decided to show off their trench-digging skills and made Alameda an island. The “Island City” is only 23.5 sq miles The only way in and out of the city is via “The Tube” (aka tunnel to Oakland) or one of four drawbridges (Park Street, Fruitvale, High Street, and Bay Farm Island Bridge). Locals call it the “Isle of Style” and I’ve heard it referenced as “An Island off the West Coast”. Both are so true!

2. But we aren't just ONE island...

We also have tiny Ballena Bay and military Coast Guard Island as part of our community of Alamedans. Coast Guard Island weirdly can't be reached from Alameda, only via Oakland, but it’s still ours.

3. Bay Farm Island though? NOT an island. 

Once a second island, this part of Alameda is a peninsula now, after the channel was filled in by developers; BFI backs up to the runway for Oakland International Airport. When it was still an island, Jack London used to steal oysters here (see London’s tale, John Barleycorn for proof).

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