Our Favorite East Bay Date Night Restaurants

Our Favorite East Bay Date Night Restaurants
  1. Trabocco in Alameda ~ The Octopus app is fabulous. Say hi to Christine and Giuseppe.
  2. Mua in Oakland ~ The music and vibe are super fun at this Uptown restaurant – wear your high heels.
  3. Asena in Alameda ~ The salad with the goat cheese is life-changing
  4. Kirala in Berkeley ~ Looks empty from the outside, but inside it’s popping.
  5. Town Tavern in Alameda ~ Loaded tots and champagne from a coupe. Yes, please. 
  6. La Mediterranée in Berkeley ~ Greek delights on College Ave. in Berkeley.
  7. Lake Chalet in Oakland ~ Get a table outside on the water and go early. Stay as long as you can.
  8. Wood Tavern in Oakland ~ Yummy and Simple. You can’t go wrong, but make a rez!
  9. District in Oakland ~ Dark and Romantic in Old Town, Oakland.
  10. Zut in Berkeley~ A 4th Street institution. Go early so you can cruise the street and shop a bit before you eat!

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