Real Estate is Like Dating Part 1

Real Estate is Like Dating Part 1

I have said this for years – Real Estate is like dating. You never know where you’ll find your match. 

I often speak to buyers about their dream home and they describe it perfectly. Three Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, a remodeled kitchen, in a certain neighborhood, with a big yard and walking distance to a school. I find that the more specific they are, the higher the chances of that becoming available. But here’s the catch ~ that property could come on the market the next day and it could check every single box and then we walk in and they immediately know – it’s not “the one”. They apologize up and down saying that they can’t explain why. I need no apology because I know a secret that they don’t yet understand. Homes have souls. 

On the opposite end I’ll see people walk into homes and describe how they “just know” it’s meant to be theirs ~ and sometimes it doesn’t match what they described to me on Day 1. Those are the buyers who prevail on offer date. 

In dating and in Real Estate, I always say, follow your heart.

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